Different enterprises of the TAVRIA V network employ about 5000 workers. Staff development is something we care very much about, it is one of the most important aspects of our activity.

Specially designed personnel training programs, hands-on training and workshops are characteristic of the ongoing initiatives of the TAVRIA V company to maintain the high professional level of its employees and provide impeccable service.

TAVRIA V is a collective of young people, a well-organized team of professionals. The average age of employees in the company is 28 years, and each employee has the prospect of career growth and the opportunity for self-realization. Not many Ukrainian companies can boast such a number of high achievers and medalists, holders of diplomas with honors in its management structure.

Company’s Department of Human Resources has been successfully operating a training center for a few years now. This training center is a place where thousands of employees are trained and retained using specially developed methodology.

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